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Can I delete my sky email account?

Best Answer:
  1. You may do so if you like.
  2. Contact Sky and they’ll set up a time.
  3. For you to have your email account terminated.

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How do I delete my Sky account?

On the right side of the screen, next to the START LIVE CHAT button, click on it to start a live chat. A pop-up window will appear. First name, last name, and then choose your sky service after that. Then press the Begin Chat button. Now tell the customer care representative that you’d want to cancel your membership

Can you permanently delete a Yahoo email account?

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Login to your Yahoo account termination page using the login credentials for the Yahoo ID you wish to cancel. You will be removed from all paid services connected with this email address if you delete it. To confirm your identity and authorize deletion, click Yes, remove this account.

Does Sky email still exist?

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You can still access your emails using If you change your Sky iD password, be sure to update your email app with the new one, as instructed below.

How do I access my old Sky email account?

Log in to your Sky account on and enter your Sky iD. Select PC from the pop-up menu. In the upper right corner, pick your name username, then select Yahoo Mail to access your inbox.

How do I unlink my Sky account?

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Delete the game from your device and reinstall it. Turn off GameCenter in Settings, Games, and delete the game from your device. Re-download the game if you need to do so. Sign in to Game Center on the second device with a new Apple ID if you want to keep any progress.

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