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Can I delete my Fitbit data?

Best Answer:
  1. Fitbit does not allow users to delete data. However.
  2. Fitbit does offer a feature that allows users to delete all the data they have logged on their device.
  3. This function is called “Clear All Data.
  4. This will not delete any information that is uploaded to Fitbit’s servers.
  5. But it will delete all of the data on the user’s device.

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How do I get my Fitbit data?

If you have a Fitbit, you can sync your data with the Fitbit app on your phone. The app will show you the steps you’ve taken, your heart rate, and any calories burned.

Can I access my Fitbit data?

Yes, you can. Fitbit offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, as well as an online dashboard where you can view your data.

Where is Fitbit data stored?

To get the Fitbit dashboard on your computer, you need to install the app and sync your account with your phone.

How do I get the Fitbit dashboard on my computer?

You can download the Fitbit dashboard on your computer by going to and clicking “Download the Fitbit app” under “Get Started.

How do I recover my Fitbit account?

Fitbit accounts can be recovered by following these steps:
1) First, create a new account.
2) Add the same email you had in the old account.
3) Follow the instructions to add your lost Fitbit to this new account.
4) Now that your Fitbit is linked to this new account, you can log in and change your password.

Can I download my Fitbit heart rate data?

Yes. You can download Fitbit heart rate data from the Fitbit Connect website by logging in to your account and clicking on “My Dashboard.” Clicking “More” will give you the option to download your heart rate data for the past 7 days.

Why is my Fitbit missing data?

It’s possible that your Fitbit has been syncing with the wrong account. If this is the case, you’ll need to log into the correct account and sync your Fitbit again.
You can also try restarting your Fitbit or resetting it.

Why does my Fitbit say data not cleared sync and try again?

The most common cause for this error is a low battery. Check the battery level on your device and make sure it’s not below 20%. If it is, charge your device before trying again.

Can I transfer my Fitbit data to Apple Watch?

Fitbit devices and Apple Watch do not sync with one another. Fitbit data can only be accessed on a Fitbit device or through the Fitbit app on a smartphone.

Can I connect my Fitbit to my computer?

Yes, you can connect your Fitbit to your computer. You will need the Fitbit app on your computer and the necessary USB cord that came with your Fitbit.
Download the Fitbit app on your computer.
Plug in the USB cord into the back of your computer and plug in the other end into your Fitbit.
Open up the Fitbit app and wait for it to sync with your device.

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