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Can I deactivate messenger but keep Facebook?

Best Answer:
  1. Yes, you can deactivate messenger without deleting your Facebook account.
  2. Deactivating messenger will disable your account’s ability to send or receive messages.
  3. But your Facebook account will still be active.

How To Temporarily Deactivate Messenger Account


How do I temporarily disable Messenger?

This is a good question. If you want to disable Messenger it’s very simple. Just go to the settings on your phone and turn off chat. It will still be on your phone but you won’t be able to use it until you turn it back on.

What will happen if I deactivate my Messenger?

If you deactivate your Messenger, then nobody will be able to send you any messages. You can always reactivate your account at a later date if you want to start receiving messages again.

What does a deactivated Messenger account look like?

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A deactivated Facebook Messenger account will show up as “Deactivated” on anyone’s Messenger app. The person can reactivate their account at any time.

Can you have Facebook without Messenger?

You can’t use Facebook without having Messenger. You can’t like, comment, or share things on Facebook without using Messenger.

How many times can you deactivate Messenger?

You can deactivate Messenger as many times as you like.

Why does someone keep deactivating and reactivating their Facebook?

The person may be trying to see if they can find a different answer to a question by browsing Facebook from a different perspective. They may also be doing this because they enjoy the feeling of being able to take back control of their social media account.

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How do you make Messenger only?

To make Messenger only, you can either go to settings and click ‘make messenger only’ or you can delete the app.

What does using Messenger without Facebook mean?

There are many reasons why someone might want to use Messenger without Facebook, but the most common one is privacy concerns. If you don’t want your messages to be stored in Facebook’s database or if you’re not comfortable with Facebook tracking your browsing history, then Messenger is a good alternative.
Another reason would be if you use Facebook for professional purposes and need a separate account. This way you can keep your personal life and work life separate.

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How long can I leave my Facebook account deactivated before it’s deleted?

Facebook has a policy of deleting accounts that have been inactive for more than 90 days.

Does your friend count go down when someone deactivates?

No. But you will not be able to see your friend’s posts in the newsfeed, and they will not show up on your timeline.
Your friend count does not go down when someone deactivates their Facebook account. You’ll still be able to see their posts in the newsfeed, but they won’t show up on your timeline.

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