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Can I close my LinkedIn account?

Best Answer:
  1. To terminate your LinkedIn profile from the Settings & Privacy page, follow these steps:
  2. Select Change next to Closing your LinkedIn account under the Account management section of the Account tab.
  3. After that, choose a reason for closing your account and continue.
  4. Enter your account password and click Close account to finish the procedure.

How to Delete Linkedin Account Permanently In 2021?


How can I permanently delete my LinkedIn account?

Log into your LinkedIn account. select the tab under your profile picture in the top toolbar. Choose “Settings and Privacy” from the dropdown menu.

How can I hide my LinkedIn profile without deleting it?

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At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click the “Me” icon. On the right side of your profile, click “View Profile” then “Edit public profile & URL.” Under the “Edit Visibility” section on the right side, change “Your profile’s public visibility” to “Off.”

Can you make your LinkedIn profile invisible?

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Look to the right side of your screen for the options for profile customizations. You may edit content and modify visibility settings in this area. To make your profile private, deselect the public availability option.

How do I permanently delete my LinkedIn account 2020?

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account. Step 2: Select the Me option at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Step 3: From the choices, pick settings and privacy. Step 4: A new page will appear. Step 5: Choose Account from the drop-down menu. Step 6: Go to the account management area.

What happens if I delete my LinkedIn account?

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If you’ve made any recommendations or endorsements, or exchanged messages and connections with others, closing your account will eliminate them. Your profile and access to all of your LinkedIn data will be permanently deleted if you close your account.

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