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Can I close my HDFC account online?

Best Answer:
  1. Although you can cancel your account online.
  2. You may print out the form and submit it.
  3. Make sure you’ve emptied out all of your money.
  4. It before closing your account.
  5. The balance in your bank account should be set to zero.
  6. You may now go to a branch or contact the bank president directly.

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Are there any charges for closing the HDFC bank account?

Depending on the nature and duration of the savings account, an HDFC Bank customer will be charged a charge of Rs 500 to close it. It will cost Rs 500 a month if the average monthly balance falls below Rs 20,000 in non-urban areas, according to its website.

Can I close my HDFC account with a negative balance?

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Can a bank account be closed online?

Is it possible to terminate a bank account online? Yes, many banks allow you to cancel a bank account online if your account is in good standing and has no outstanding balance.

What is the minimum balance to be maintained in HDFC?

According to the bank’s website, customers for regular savings accounts kept at HDFC Bank’s metro and urban branches must maintain an average monthly balance of $ 10,000 to avoid penalty charges. An average of $ 5,000 is required in semi-urban branches.

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What happens if the minimum balance is not maintained in HDFC?

Customers are not required to maintain a minimum deposit amount, and banks may charge non-maintenance of minimal balance penalties. There is no upper limit on the fees. So, if the AMB in an urban branch account is less than ₹2,500, the charges are ₹600 per month; if it is less than.

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