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Can I cancel Disney movie club and rejoin?

Best Answer:
  1. To cancel your service.
  2. Call Disney Movies Club at ########.
  3. After the cancellation is completed.
  4. You may receive a new promotion offer in January and join again.

The Disney Movie Club – Receiving An Order & Cancelling A Subscription 


Can you cancel a Disney Movie Club order?

Call customer service at ######. Provide the representative with your account and Customer information. Tell them you wish to cancel your Disney|Movie Club subscription. Ask for a confirmation email

What’s the catch with Disney Movie Club?

A membership to the Disney Movie Club requires that you purchase full-priced movies for 5 years. Buying them from other vendors will not count towards your commitment, but you can buy one per year and still have 4 more years of club access.

Is there a lawsuit against Disney Movie Club?

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Several plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Disney Interactive Studios in December, alleging they had been enrolled in the company’s Disney Movie Club without their consent. The plaintiffs say that this violated California auto-renewal laws.

How much does the Disney Movie Club cost?

As a Disney Movie Club member, you need to buy 5 movies starting at $19.95 regular price per DVD and $29.95 for Blu-rays plus shipping processing of $3.95 for the first title in the next 24 months  ($10 discount)

What happens if you don’t pay Disney Movie Club?

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Unpaid members will be charged late fees for any checks or payments returned and (up to 15) featured titles will automatically ship and auto-bill.

Is Disney Movie Club a subscription?

Disney Movie Club is not a subscription. It is a service that allows you to purchase Disney movies at a discounted price.

What’s the Disney vault secret?

The Disney vault secret is that there is no Disney vault. The term “Disney vault” is used to describe the studio’s practice of withholding certain movies from home video release for a period of time.

Does Disney Movie Club include digital copy?

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Yes, Disney Movie Club members receive a digital copy of the movie they purchase.

How much are 4k movies on Disney Movie Club?

Disney Movie Club members can purchase 4K movies for $19.99 each.

Is there a real Disney Vault?

There is no real Disney Vault. The term “Disney Vault” is used to describe the company’s policy of limiting the distribution of its classic films.

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