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Can I call Google to recover my account?

Best Answer:
  1. You can’t reach out to Google for assistance in logging into your account for your protection.
  2. We don’t deal with any company that claims to provide account or password assistance.

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How do I contact Google support?

Google is at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California. (650) 253-0000. See all locations. Job openings are available on our site.

How can I recover my Google account without an email and phone number?

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Continue with the recovery procedure at and make sure you’ve signed in to a known account, then go right to the beginning of the process by clicking “Recover an Account.” Try every conceivable recovery email and phone number that you have access to. If possible, try signing into

Does Google have a 24-hour customer service number?

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To speak with a live customer care representative, call the following Customer Care number toll-free at 1-800-419-0157.

Does Google have a call center?

You can anticipate the call to be made by an automated system or, in some cases, a human being. … Google Assistant appointments are currently only accessible in the United States and will call you at +1-650-203-0000.

How do I talk to Gmail?

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Open Gmail on your computer. Look at all of the options. Click Chat and Meet at the top of the page. Select Google Chat or Off next to “Chat” to enable or disable it in Gmail.

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