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Are Me Com and iCloud com the same?

Best Answer:
  1. Starting from v60 the default iCloud email address is your Apple ID.
  2. The instructions below are for users who have an existing MobileMe.
  3. Account and want to know how to convert it to a regular iCloud account.
  4. For information about creating a new iCloud account.
  5. Go to nAbout your iCloud email addresses on iCloud.

Understanding iCloud.


Does Apple still use me com?

Messages will be sent to the account’s primary inbox, which is equivalent to the other. So, you may still use your original username,, and any previous conversations will be saved in their own folder.

How do I change my iCloud com to me com?

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On the left side menu at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen, go to Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select “Accounts” from this section; your iCloud email address and password will be shown. The original email address cannot be changed, but you may create a new alias for the email address you want.

What is a .me account?

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Is my com password the same as Apple ID?

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for your iPod touch by enabling the Home Sharing option. Then you can navigate through all of your songs, videos, and podcasts by using the Apple TV’s remote control. Start with these steps to turn on Home Sharing on an iOS device: Select Settings from the home screen. From there, you’ll be

How do I get rid of my com?

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In fact, to remove the “@me” from the “from” drop-down while creating an email (which I found excruciatingly unpleasant), go to Preferences, Account Information, then in the Email Address field, remove the “@me” address. Mac is there.

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