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Apple vs PC: Which Should You Buy?

Best Answer:
  1. In today’s digital world, there are two main types of computing devices: Apple and PC.
  2. The last decade has seen a rapid increase in the use of Apple devices, while PC sales have been steadily declining.
  3. Since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, Apple’s platform has become more popular among consumers who mainly want a device that works well for internet browsing and social media.
  4. Meanwhile, PC sales have declined as a result of an increase in productivity on smartphones and tablets.

Computer technology has changed so much in the last 10 years that it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best. There are pros and cons of both technology, but you still need to make the decision on what’s right for you. Here are a few things to consider before deciding between Apple and PCs.


While computers have changed a lot since the introduction of Windows in 1981, there are still two main types: Apple and PCs.PCs are faster, cheaper, and can do more things than an Apple computer. However, an Apple computer is nicer to use, easier to set up, and has a wide variety of different features.When you’re deciding on which technology to purchase for your business, it’s important that you know what you’ll need it for. These questions should help you decide what type of computer would work best.

Pros and Cons of Apple

Let’s start with the pros and cons of Apple.


Apple has a nice looking design, which is also expensive. The design of their computers is one of the main reasons that people are drawn to them.

Apple has great customer service, which means you’ll have someone to help you if something goes wrong with your product.

Since Apple products are built for simplicity, it’s easier for your family to use them and keep up with things on the go.

Pros and Cons of PC

vs. Apple

The first thing to consider is the cost of both machines–while Apple has a higher upfront cost, PCs are cheaper in the long run.

PCs are also more affordable when it comes to upgrades and repairs. They’re often cheaper to repair because they don’t require as much glue or metal as an Apple product does.If you work in a creative industry like graphic design, PC is usually the right choice because it’s better for editing images and video files.

Another major pro for PC is the fact that it can be used on any operating system–this means you have more options for what software you use on your machine in comparison with an Apple one.

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Apple products are not restricted by operating system–meaning certain features won’t work if you’re using a different OS than iOS or macOS. This can be frustrating if you have a specific feature that’s important to your work and need it immediately, but cannot get it without buying a new computer.

However, this also means that Apple devices are more expensive than their PC counterparts–the iPad Pro starts at $649 while the MacBook starts at $1,299.


Is Apple better than PC?

Apple computers are more expensive than PCs, but they are more powerful. Apple offers many lifestyle options for computers, they often tend to have better customer service and the Apple logo is highly recognizable in the marketplace. There are drawbacks, in that Apple computers are not always compatible with Windows operating systems or Adobe Software.

What lasts longer Apple or PC?

Apple products are typically better for the environment because they use less energy. Apple is also known to have a more aesthetically pleasing design than PC’s. Apple is also easier to use and lighter weight, both attributes that typically last longer. PCs, on the other hand, are more versatile with their available software packages.

What is the main difference between the PC and Apple is?

The main difference between PC and Apple is that PC has a graphical interface, which makes it easier to use for both experienced users and novice users. The user must have some level of experience with operating systems in order to use the interface. This is not the case with Apple devices because they are primarily designed for novice users.

Is Apple easier to use than PC?

Apple has a much simpler operating system than PC, making it easier to use. Apple’s OS X is based on UNIX, which was designed for ease of use. Apple also implements intuitive graphical user interface elements that are easy to learn. Apple’s products are simple to set up and use, with quick start-up times and a minimal learning curve. In contrast, PC systems require a substantial knowledge of the Windows OS.

Why is a PC better than a Mac?

Macs are not as user-friendly as PCs, and they lack necessary software such as office suites like Microsoft office. Macs also lack in speed and when compared to PCs, Macs can be 2x slower when browsing the internet or transferring files. This is because Macs only use Intel chips and PCs use both Intel and AMD chips which makes them faster in comparison.

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Why Macs are faster than PCs?

The “why Macs are faster than PCs” is a common question that most people don’t know the answer to. The answer can be found in the fundamental difference between Apple and PC makers. Apple is a hardware company that designs their own chips for their devices. PC makers use off-the-shelf Intel or AMD processors, which are used in most devices. Apple designs its chips with performance specifically in mind, while Intel or AMD design for compatibility with different hardware.

Do Macs crash less than PCs?

This is a difficult question, in my opinion. Studying the data from various sources online, it would seem that there is no clear answer to this. For example, one article states that “Macs crash less than PCs,” while another argues that “Macs crash just as often as PCs.” In conclusion, it would be gross generalization to say that Macs crash less than PCs.

Why do Macs break so easily?

Briefly, Apple’s products are considerably less sturdy than those of their competitors. They employ more delicate and complex designs and materials than other brands and as such they’re prone to breakages during transportation or just on account of regular wear and tear. Apple also doesn’t offer warranties on their products, charging customers for any repairs that may be needed.

Is Apple laptop better than Windows?

The answer to this question is not simple. It depends on what you need the laptop for. For example, if you are using it for personal use, then Windows is better because Apple has too much privacy including specifics about your location that the law says they do not need to share with you. If you are using it for school or work, then Apple is better because their laptops are automatically updated and virus-free.

What does a PC have that Mac doesn t?

In a traditional Windows-based PC, the central processing unit (CPU) is housed in a single small square box. Alternately, in a Mac, the CPU is housed in an aluminum enclosure which is covered by a plastic shield. This makes the Mac better for those who want to open up their computer and make modifications or adjustments to its internal workings.

What can Macs do that Windows can t?

A Mac is a type of computing device that is able to run certain operating systems, (specifically macOS), whereas Windows-based computers are only able to run Windows. Macs are able to do things like convert MP3s for iPod use, or send messages electronically through the Apple iMessage platform; Windows-based PCs cannot do these functions.

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Is macOS better than Windows 10?

This question is very difficult to answer without a thorough understanding of the nuances in functionality between macOS and Windows 10. Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference, with some people preferring macOS due to the ability for programs to be more easily compatible with one another. Others may prefer Windows 10 because it’s easier for most programs that are designed for Windows 8 or higher to work on it. This also means that there are fewer glitches in the user experience.

Are Macs worth the money?

The compound terms worth, money, and Macs are all complex concepts. One cannot answer this question without understanding the meaning of each word on its own. Worth is a measure of the value of something. Money is a type of currency that has value depending on who is using it. Macs are computers made by Apple Inc.

What are the disadvantages of Apple laptops?

The main disadvantage of Apple computers is the lack of customization. The operating system and other features are typically pre-installed by Apple, which can make it difficult for people to customize their laptops to fit their needs. Some people also have difficulty getting used to the interface because it’s different from Windows or Linux.

Do Macs get viruses?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it may first appear. For example, if one were to define a virus as being a malicious program, then most experts would say yes, Macs can get viruses. However, if one were defining a virus as being a malicious program that has the capacity for copying itself and infecting other computers or devices, most experts would say no. In this case, Macs are not prone to being infected with viruses.


Pros and Cons of Apple


  1. A solid ecosystem of apps.
  2. Software is readily available.
  3. Sleek design and user-friendly interface.
  4. Faster and more powerful hardware.
  5. Integrated cameras and fingerprint scanner.
  6. Affordable price point.
  7. Easy and intuitive interface.
  8. Apple Watch is a cool feature.
  9. Apple is more environmentally friendly.


  1. Requires a lot of care and upkeep.
  2. Not as much customization as PC.
  3. No built-in hard drive.
  4. Can be expensive to maintain.

Pros and Cons of PC


  1. Built in hard drive (not necessary).
  2. More customizable options than Apple.
  3. More powerful hardware for gaming, graphic design, etc
  4. More games for kids and adults to enjoy.
  5. Battery life tends to be longer than Apple’s laptops.
  6. Price point is cheaper than Apple’s laptops.
  7. Cons:More expensive to maintain than Apple’s laptops.

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